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Tsinghua University is not only home to the smartest and brightest, there are also  many talented artists. On the evening of Dec. 16, 2018, 12 talented groups and individuals competed in the school's annual singing competition finale.

For the 28th time, students poured into the Sports Center to enjoy a thrilling show, involving a large variety of music performances, as well as a high-quality light and graphic show.

The first place for best singer 2018 went to Li Manyuan who stunned the audience with her cover of Rihanna's Diamonds. It was not the law student's first time on the competition, she competed last year too. The runner up this year was the acapella group, S-Emotion. Tan Liyan finished third with her jazz songs.

Special attention is given to original songs. In fact, half the performers showcased original compositions, but the one who stood out was definitely Yu Sheng with his song "San ren jian" (Three persons's room) ,a touching piece about his time in the dorm of Tsinghua University. He was in fact awarded the Best Original Song prize.

By Angela Hua


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