正规网赌软件app:Campus LifeThe Opening Ceremony of the 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival

Time: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Location: Zijing Sports Field

The long-awaited annual International Cultural Festival has finally arrived. On May 12, the weeklong celebration kicked off with the Global Village World Expo featuring cultural exhibitions, performances and cuisines from countries represented on Tsinghua’s campus.

The opening events took place from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Zijing Sports Field. This is the university’s ninth international cultural festival and it is organized by the Tsinghua University Students’ Association of International Culture Exchange (AICE), the Tsinghua University Association of Student International Communication (ASIC) & the Tsinghua Shuō Student Society of World Culture and Language Communication (Tsinghua Shuō).

For the first time, the festival this year is expanded to a week full of exciting cultural events. Several events will take place throughout the week including the “YEAH! World” Culture Series, a football match between Tsinghua’s international student football teams and Beijing Language and Culture University, “Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors” – the Republic of Korea, and the Tsinghua’s Got Talent Show.

Cultural performances throughout the day filled the events with vibrant sights and sounds, including musical performances, singing performances, and dancing performances from various countries including China, Korea, Turkey and Madagascar.

Participants from 47 countries and regions set up 56 booths, in this Global Village celebration. These countries and regions include the United States of America, Korea, South Sudan, France, Italy, Argentina, China, Malaysia, and Cambodia, etc. Each country had student representatives who shared their countries’ culture and their special cuisine.

The Global Village Word Expo was just the first day of a week of more cultural events on campus. Over the course of next week, there will be many different activities introducing all the various cultures present on Tsinghua’s campus. So keep your eyes and ears open for all that is coming up this week!

By Celina Jiang, Alexis See Tho


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