正规网赌软件app:Campus LifeTsinghua Annual Global Village

Organized by Tsinghua’s Association of Student International Communication (ASIC) and guided by the International Students & Scholars Center, the Global Village this year was recently held online for the first time, with an “immersive cultural experience” through well-designed HTML5, distinctive performances by student clubs, and carefully picked recipes and photos of local cuisines.

Each year at the Tsinghua Global Village, an exciting line-up with more than 50 booths showcasing arts, heritage and the cultural experiences of Tsinghua’s international students enchants the crowd with exciting choreography, presentations, and lectures, providing all of our students an opportunity to indulge themselves in the colorful depths of multicultural activities.

The multifarious and diverse range of cultural exchange activities are one important manifestation of the international campus of Tsinghua, and also a key aspect in cultivating the global competency of our students.

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